Three Delicious Foodie Gifts for your Valentine

Hey lovers! On Tuesday we thought we had the best gift idea ever : alcohol, but what if you or your honey are participating in Sober October February? Good news, we have gift ideas for you too! Now if you’re also cutting sugar this month, you may need to wait until tomorrow’s posts for gift ideas 🙂 Until then.. nom, nom, nom…


These homemade marshmallows are pretty perfect for topping off a cup of hot co + candy cane vodka. Just sayin’. Also, if you thought you weren’t too big on marshmallows because that’s where I was, try these and tell me they’re not completely different and way more delicious and flavorful than Puffs.


Nutella, we’re all a fan, but why make your own? Unfortunately, the main ingredients for Nutella are sugar and palm oil. PALM OIL IS TERRIBLE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT. Sorry, it had to be said yelled. So make your own!


I still can’t get over the simplicity of this chocolate cake with buttercream icing. It’s the perfect way to make pretty much any cake one that is infused with love. Our middle sister Kristin, used to make this heart cake, which looks so damn adorable, but it took so much time and effort to achieve. Take it easy this year and top your cake with rose petals.


That’s that y’all. Whip up something special for yourself or your loves!

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