4 thoughts on “A Farm Share & Summer Meal Planning

  1. Holy Hannah you’re good at managing a farm share! We’re splitting a full share with pop, so we get a delivery each week and it has been a lot to get used. Kohlrabi anyone??? Anywho, just made Carmelized Fennel from the Plenty cookbook, SO GOOOOOOOD, thanks again for that awesome gift. And dealing with a kinda picky adult eater, i love to see your little babes experiencing a wide range of foods and flavors at such a young age. Great work Mama!

    • Kohlrabi?! It’s so exciting to see the differences between one share/climate to the next. We haven’t received any kohlrabi here in Colorado, and i’m not sure if it’s a cultural or climatic difference. I know, a huge bonus of the share, and one that I forgot to mention, is offering these kiddos lots of veggies! And yes, I’ve been paging through Plenty excited to try so many of the recipes in there! xo

      • Oohh, Katie, I had some kohlrabi in last week’s share! I’m also a Grant Farms All-Inner, but I have the vegetarian share. 🙂 I did the meat share last year, but due to some household food allergies, felt it was best to stick to the veggies this year.

        Krissy, roasted kohlrabi is my favorite way to eat it. Olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, toss it in the oven just like you would a potato. It became my favorite vegetable last year! The flavor is so amazing, and I am so embarrassed that I threw it out a LOT before I cooked with it and de-mystified it.

        Can’t wait to see what you continue to come up with. For me, the greens are a struggle. I’m never sure how to use the chards & collards given that I am limited to no pork, no beef, no garlic, no onions (oh, and a whole host of other allergies not worth mentioning here). I’ve tossed them into some soups, and I loved your idea for the roasted root veggie soup – may do that with some of the produce I have in the fridge.

        Thank you so much for this post!

        • Hi Kathleen,

          Now I’m hoping I get some kohlrabi so that I can try roasting it – thanks for that idea!

          I know what you mean about the greens – even without any limitations, I sometimes find the greens piling up in our fridge. If I come across any great recipes, or new uses, I’ll be sure to pass them along. I happened to add some chard to another coconut curry that we made last night. That was the first time I ever added a green (other than bok choy) to the curry, and we loved it!

          The roasted veggie soup is always a winner in our house, no matter what combination of vegetables we use. It’s so much fun to dress that one up with a variety of garnishes (different cheeses, truffle oil, cooked greens, etc.). I hope you enjoy it too!

          Thanks for stopping by!

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