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On the first Wednesday of each month we like to pause and take a look at what’s going on in the world around us.  We’ll highlight some nature and environmental news, give you a bit of inspiration, and ask you to partake in a monthly sustainability initiative with us.

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The month of April really has our spirits soaring. Trees are leafing-out, flowers are blooming, the world around us is coming alive! Are you seeing changes in your yard and neighborhood too? We love this green wave tracker as it helps us to imagine what life is like for each other (since Kate’s in Colorado and I’m in North Carolina) and our loved ones who are sprinkled across the states. If you have a moment, read about becoming a citizen scientist and partake in the green waver tracker yourself! Even if you don’t partake in the green wave tracker, take a moment each and every day to look around whether it’s during your daily dog walk, commute to work, drink on the stoop in the evening; whenever you are outside, notice the tiny changes that nature is constantly undergoing. Notice too that you are constantly transforming, change takes nurturing and time, don’t expect to transform overnight, take a cue from nature and make tiny changes every day.

   Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.             
                                       - Ralph Waldo Emerson

In the News

Science has shown us what we can’t see, There’s Far More to the Galaxy Than Meets the Eye, (just like what lies within you and I 🙂 ) and it’s spectacular! Check it out and make it a mission to see the Milky Way for yourself this year.

What is slow fashion? Well, in a word it’s responsible. Read about the environmentally-sound trend here, and see our monthly goal below!

This article provides a number of beautiful examples of the signs of spring in nature.


Small Steps : Shop Your Closet

How did you do with last month’s challenge of cooking more at home? I only ate out once, but don’t pat me on the back toooo hard because I rarely eat out – that’s the life of a frugal freelancer!  Kate shared an on-the-go breakfast option, I let you in on my snacking habits, and we both shared a dinner option: so what will it be? Chicken or sausage? I also shared a simple homemade cold brew coffee recipe – let’s get those coffee to-go cups out of our lives and our landfills! Oh and don’t forget about dessert – banana cream pie & double vanilla cake were on the menu (more than a few times) last month.

For the month of April, we’re continuing our goal of looking inside the home instead of out, but this time in terms of fashion. As the seasons change, we all tend to buy a new frock or five and this time around the sun we’re trying our hardest to shop our closets instead.  Sift through your clothes and find old favorites instead of buying another cheaply made garment.  Are your favorite pair of jeans your next favorite pair of jorts?! Cut ’em up, breathe new life into your threads.  Do your knits need a little polishing? Buy a sweater shaver, I have that exact one and it’s perfect for removing pills from any fabric. Shaving my clothes is actually one of my favorite pastimes – scouts honor.

livedseasoned spring 15 sew your own

Why is shopping within your closet important? Why should we all strive to buy less clothing and say no to trends? First, clothing production uses a lot of water. It takes approximately 1,800 gallons just to produce one pair of jeans and over 700 gallons for a single t-shirt! I have a grand total of three pairs of jeans and I still feel bad about those numbers. Notice I didn’t admit to the number of t-shirts in my closet?

liveseasoned spring 16 knit your own-1

It is thought that apparel production is the second largest pollutant on earth second only to oil production. Ick. It’s hard to quantify the pollution produced by the clothing industry, but there’s no doubt fast fashion is a detriment to our waterways (it’s estimated that 17-20% of water pollution comes from apparel production) as well as the individuals who work and die in factories overseas. We aren’t writing this post to make you feel immense guilt (I’m feeling it as I research and write though 🙁 ), but we are hoping that you will make conscious decisions when faced with all the cheap, cute clothes you could ever want at America’s mega malls and shopping centers. Just because something is $5 doesn’t mean you need to buy it. I’m totalllllly talking to myself there.

liveseasoned spring 15 slow fashion

So what should you do?! How do you stay lookin’ cute if you can’t buy a shirt with pineapples on it? Well, we’re not saying you can’t buy anything new, but this is what we’re asking of you (and us too!).

  • Look within your own closet first. Find your favorites, wear them, love them!
  • Rearrange your drawers. It’ll let you review everything you own, and we’re sure you’re likely to find some old favorites that were hidden under the big pile of mismatched socks. We can’t be the only ones?
  • Breathe new life into old clothes by altering them to fit you better, fixing them up, or dyeing them.
  • Host or attend a clothing swap. They’re damn fun and a great reason to drink wine and chit chat with your friends on a week night.
  • Trade a few items with a friend just for the season. Maybe you’ve adored your best pals scarf or tank from afar. Ask her to make a trade with the promise that you’ll each get your goods back in a month or so.
  • Buy used clothing. There are SO many amazing finds in thrift and vintage stores… just look at that amazing bathing suit!
  • Sew your own! I made the sweetest skirt (shown above) that I’m constantly being complimented on and Kate is plain and simple an overachiever when it comes to knitting her own socks and sweaters. (All three of those sweaters plus the one on little Luc were made by her.)
  • Wear your threads bare. Completely wear out your clothes and feel really accomplished about it – or is that just me?
  • If you do buy, buy responsible. Shop ethical brands and search out slow fashion. Make fashion an investment, not a spur of the moment, I’ll throw you away next season, shopping selection.

I will be one hundo percent honest with you guys, this initiative is hard. It’s deeper than shopping for clothes. For me, it’s about being comfortable in my skin. It’s about letting go of my ego. It’s about dragging myself away from Pinterest and unfollowing fashionistas on Instagram. It’s about deciding to do what is best for my planet instead of hoping people will think I look cute on a Friday night, but you know what? People still think I look cute. People still love me. People still compliment me, because if you have a great group of people around you, they could give two shits about your clothes. They could care less that you’re wearing your favorite dress every time you go out because they care about bigger issues, they dig deeper than the surface, and I challenge YOU to do the same. Please. You are beautiful and your clothes have nothing to do with it.

Bit of Inspiration

 To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you
 something else is the greatest accomplishment.    
                                               -Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote speaks volumes towards our monthly initiative and what we’re trying to achieve with Live Seasoned and our social media channels in general. There are thousands of peeps who appear to lead the perfect life, but we all know photos are half truths. No one is perfect, no one has it all together all the time, neither you, nor I, and we’re cool with that. We strive to keep it real. We strive to stop the comparisons, the constant wanting for more and the need for perfection. It’s difficult sometimes. We see which images are well received and usually they’re a bit curated or beautified, but we earnestly attempt to present our lives as they stand in the middle of our chaotic homes.

Life is messy and beautiful and so are we.  Make a commitment to yourself to appreciate you as you are today, in this moment. Appreciate yourself sans makeup and beautiful clothes, appreciate your extra five, fifteen or fifty pounds, because those pounds, those nourishing meals, brought you to where you are today.  Appreciate everything that makes you you and like I said at the beginning of this post, if you’re wanting to make a change, take it slow and make sure you’re working on yourself for yourself, not for someone else. And remember, we love you just the way you are. Too much? Too bad, it’s true.

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