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Sarah Here :

Happy Friday! Yesterday I was hit with a wave of sinus pressure that knocked me off my feet – literally – I just sat on my yoga mat for a few hours.  I stretched, pondered, meditated, and just generally sat in a hazy fog of sinus annoyance.  Today I’m going to try to work through it by writing about the Annapurna Circuit Trek.  I was reminded of another beautiful, high-altitude adventure yesterday when my pop asked me for this image from Phu Chi Fah, Thailand:

Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-103Phu Chi Fah is a tiny village perched on the northeastern side of the Phi Pan Nam Range, a mountain chain that borders northern Thailand and Laos.  There’s an amazing set of cliffs that one can hike up in the dark in order to watch the sunrise.  It’s a spectacular sight as the clouds roll in looking like water.Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-100 I’ve never been so cold as the hour I sat waiting on a windy cliff for the sun to come up.Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-101 Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-102 When it finally rose and turned the landscape into a warm orangey scene, I felt like the entire morning had been a dream.Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-104 I was most intrigued by the weekend trading market that sprang up on the side of the mountain that Sunday morning.  Driving through, I was glued to the bus window, vowing to return and explore the mountain market someday.  That was five years ago, but I still think about it often.Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-105 Then there was this amazing vegetarian restaurant that Saleem and I visited at least four times that weekend.  The food in northern Thailand is unlike the rest of the country’s cuisine. So spicy and delicious.Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-106 After lunch, we wandered into a shop that had at least a hundred different kinds of shoelaces.  I was over the moon because I had been wanting black laces in these sneaks for over a year, but had been unwilling to spend more that $1 for new ones. Seriously, how much better do they look?Live Seasoned Phu Chi Fah, Thailand 12-11-107The light in the bus terminal was just unreal, the whole weekend had been unreal. Can you spot the dog?

I’m off to write all weekend long.  I may take a break to watch my Panthers destroy Katie’s Broncos in the Super Bowl! By watch, I mean I’ll make finger food to enjoy while I pretend to cheer for the team from my home state.  Katie is probably just realizing now that the Broncos are playing in the big game…

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