In Season: Spring Cleaning


What can we really say about spring cleaning? On the one hand it’s a chore, especially during those first few days of perfect spring weather. On the other hand, giving your space a good, deep clean, letting the fresh air in, and even rearranging the furniture may leave you smiling when you’re stuck inside during the inevitable April showers. However you look at it, we’ve found a few fun supplies and useful resources to put a spring in your cleaning.

Do you have a whole closet dedicated to cleaning supplies? Me neither, but check out this amazing cleaning closet overhaul by Little Green Notebook.

You can always count on Kaufmann Mercantile for quality products, including this wool duster.

Perhaps this tells you something about my cleaning tendencies: I bought this scrub brush because I loved the Japanese packaging… and four years later it’s still in that cute paper bag.

Spring is a great time to clean your wool sweaters and coats before packing them away for summer. Be sure to look for any signs of wool moths and pack them with some cedar or lavender as a repellant.

We have a glass shower door with a million nooks and crannies, I kind of want this power scrubber to give it a good clean. Does anyone have one? Does it work well?

I want to make this homemade sage cleaning spray this year. Sarah made a cleaning spray with oranges that she’s going to share soon!

Cleaning with a bit of elbow grease and without harsh chemicals is important to me, especially with a kiddo and pup in the house. This post provides a great overview of the essential ingredients to have on hand and how to use them.

I always find a good list helpful. This one overwhelms me, but I like the “bonus point” encouragement of this one.

Ahhhhhh, and then there’s this dustpan.

Need justification for the dustpan or a bit of encouragement to pare down as you clean? 

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be 
useful, or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

Happy Friday, friends!

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