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Happy Pi Day from Live Seasoned!  Today we have math and pies on the brain, well mostly pies.  Here’s a few pi (and pie) inspired links for your Friday, there’s still time to make it a Pieday!

New to this whole Pi Day business? Well it’s time to get your act together! Learn a bit about Pi here.

People compete to memorize Pi, which is a challenge since its decimal digits never end and never develop a repeating pattern. If you want to do the same and impress your friends, get this mug. Looking at it every morning is sure to help.

I must admit, it’s rare that I bake a pie, but I recently spent two months on a mountain with an amazing pie baker!  He whipped them up like it was nothing and he also told me about this sweet pie blog that his friend created.  Eating his pies was inspirational, but I still haven’t gotten around to baking one yet. Shh, don’t tell.

What is 3.14 backwards? PIE!

I’m more likely to make a pot pie or shepard’s pie.

One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was a really pretty white ruffled pie dish.  Everyone should own one.  Here’s a few other pretty pieces.

And how cute are these Easy As Pie dishtowels?

One of the best pies I’ve ever had was raw.  I remember my roommates and I all shared it until it was finished, which took about five minutes.

This split decision pie pan is a great idea, especially to accommodate for different diets;  now gluten-freebies and vegans can eat pie with the rest of the gang.

If you succeed at baking and eating a pie today, please order this t-shirt.

Need some more pie inspiration?  Check out our pinterest board for more recipes and cute pie supplies.


*Image via the Nerdista
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