In Season : Kitchen Odds and Ends


I’ve been spending a lot of time in our small kitchen lately. Just doing lots of meal-making and treat-baking. We have everything we could possibly need to fill a kitchen, but it doesn’t stop me from looking…

Now that Alex is big enough to want to work beside me in the kitchen, my mom sent us one of these but in red. Alex loves it!

My bundt pan was well over 10 years old, dented, with a scratched up inner coating, so it’s one of the things that didn’t move with us to Colorado. Since we have a kiddo in the house, it could be fun to replace it with a castle!

We use our mason jars for everything in the kitchen, from mixing up dressing to storing our dry goods. So I always love it when I find a new mason jar-related product, like this tap from Cuppow.

We’re big fans of that company, using their drinking lids all the time.

In fact, a few Christmases ago I gifted the siblings Cuppow lids and Holdster sleeves.

And with mason jars on the brain, I’ve had my eye on this cherry pitter for a few summers now. Maybe next year I’ll finally pull the trigger and buy one.

Calder and I are still settling into our kitchen, in fact, we just hung a wooden magnetic knife holder from this Etsy seller this week. It is beautiful, and we’re told it puts less wear on the knives than a metal one.

Ok, maybe there’s one more thing we need – great spice storage. We like keeping the spices in their grocery jars, but we want some easy way to store them. Any suggestions?

Image from KQED.
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