In Season: Cool Camping Gear

wpa_hikingI could spend hours in outdoor adventure stores and usually I do, but I always walk away with only the most sensible, reasonable and necessary purchases.  When I win the lottery, I’m going to finally buy all of those funky, hip, not-so-necessary purchases that I’ve coveted all along…

I’m in love with this hammock/tent combo, Tentsile. Who doesn’t love a portable treehouse?

I already have a few swiss army knives otherwise I’d buy this Matrioshka Classic SD Limited Edition.

If I had unlimited funds for fun camping gear you know I’d pick up this melon or this field of dreams tent.

Now that we’re on the subject of sweet tents, check out this VW Camper Van.  I suppose it’s the next best thing after an actual VW!

I’m inspired to make some guest bed rolls because of these.

Coffee is a must on the trail, which is why this is going to be my next backpacking purchase.  No more cowboy coffee for me.

Katie here : I know I’m getting old, because I want to make one of these super comfy camping chairs my next purchase. I think I’ll have the perfect double-use excuse once we sign up little A for soccer (just a three-year wait!) 🙂

We love our headlamps, and not just for camping. They’re great on trains, in cars, at bonfires on the beach.

While we definitely can’t afford it, we love this bear sleeping bag. And what an interesting/tragic story of design inspiration.

Lastly, a product that I wish every family had: the LifeStraw.  It filters your water quickly and efficiently.  Clean water should not be a luxury, but for most people it is.

We hoped you enjoyed our cool camping gear round-up. Happy weekend!


Image via Library of Congress.
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