Happy New Year!

New Year, new projects! Over the couple past years, I’ve integrated a short meditation practice into my daily life. It has helped me immensely, in more ways than I can put into words here. Simply interacting with the world in a more mindful way has opened up my reality into a playful game of shifting perspectives in order to watch the world around me in a more positive state. While there are still some days that I wake up feeling a little blue or bummed out for no reason in particular, I’ve said good riddance to the idea that the world is sometimes set up against me. Being grumpy, crazy, sad, or mean because I’m in a funk just doesn’t exist any longer. I can see those emotions from a mile away and I have the tools to interact with them instead of being completely taken over like the hangry and tired monster I once was. It’s pretty amazing. I feel free from my thoughts and emotions even though yes, I still have them and enjoy their presence, I’m not talking about shifting into robots here. It’s almost as if a veil has lifted and I’m starting to see the world for what it is not just what it has to do with me and that’s a pretty liberating thing.

Enough about me, let’s make this about YOU! I want to invite you to try a weekly meditation practice with me. I’m calling it Meditative Mondays because there’s no better time to start a mindfulness practice than at the forefront of a busy and hectic week. Basically, I’ll send you an email with a pre-recorded guided meditation led by yours truly, offer a few mindfulness practices like breathing techniques, and a little bit of homework in the way of a journaling prompt. None of the work is required, I’m not grading you, but if you follow along each week for a year, I think you’ll reward yourself in more ways than one. You’ll notice differences in the way you interact with yourself, the world, and the ones you love. Just a warning though, you’ll probably want to drag all your friends into this with you. I don’t blame you that’s exactly why I’m doing this because I care about you and want you to join me too.

Along with a guided meditation, mindfulness tools, and some introspective questions, I’ll share a few personal suggestions to better curate your experience. I’m big on podcasts, so I’ll definitely link you to a pertinent episode or two each week and I also have a book recommendation for each month. All the books I’ve chosen are ones that I can look back and point to knowing they’ve had a positive impact on my path towards mindfulness. More than that though, if you follow along, I’ll be here at my keyboard waiting to hear from you. I want to know how it feels to start a meditation practice, what is challenging you and where you’re finding encouragement each week. I have hopes that Meditative Mondays will be a place where you can go to kill a little time to improve yourself, some sphere on the web other than pinterest and facebook.

If all that doesn’t sound half bad, you can sign up below & if you really dig it, maybe share this post with your pals or partner and have them come along for the ride too!

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