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I’ve traveled plenty, most times with the wrong gear, but when it’s right, I’ve never felt more comfortable and relaxed in an unknown environment.  Today I’m sharing my most beloved travel companions, in the way of gear, so you can scope out a great present for the adventurer in your life.  All these items are highly practical and while they may be on the expensive side, they’ll last for half a decade or more.  If you want your wanderer to think of you while they’re abroad, scope out one of these premium gifts and have them travel in comfort and style.  I’ve traveled without most of these items at least once, but never again, never again.

gifts for travelers


lightweightdown A quality, packable down jacket. I was absolutely unprepared and frozen in this photo (and for the next few days) taken in Halong Bay, Vietnam.  On my recent trip to Nepal, I made sure to pack a down jacket and it’s a good thing, because I wore it for a week straight on the Annapurna Circuit.

packsAn exceptional pack. You may want to ask your traveler a few key questions when it comes to picking out a pack or you could just surprise them, which is how I received this little baby.  There are tons of options when it comes to size, style and fit of packs, but Kate surprised me with this Kestrel 32 and I could not be more pleased.  It’s small so it limits the amount of gear you can squeeze into it, but that also means you won’t be lugging around a heavy pack everywhere you go.  I’ve traveled for months throughout Asia with this pack and it also carried my stuff up over Thorong Pass.

cameraA quality camera, lens, or gift certificate for either.  If your traveler is in need of a camera comparable to a DSLR like the one shown here, I highly recommend the Panasonic Lumix.  It’s not as hefty as a DSLR, but it really gets the job done.  I’ve been meaning to buy one for awhile now and Katie is actually on her second one, the first succumbed to a toddler.

ebookreaderAn e-reader or a subscription for kindle books or audible.  There’s a lot of downtime during travel whether you’re on a bus, plane or train or waiting still for transport, you’ll certainly have time to finish a few books on the road.     hitchhikingA really nice pair of sunglasses.  I almost can’t believe I’m suggesting this since I’m the queen of five dollar shades, but a nice pair of polarized sunglasses saves the day.  Also, if your sunglasses costs more than $5, you tend to take care of them really, really well.  Bonus? Every scene your wanderer sees through those shades will remind him or her of YOU! So totally get the shades.

*Each and every one of these photos were taken by Saleem Ahmed.
*This post contains affiliate links.


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