Eight Natural Egg Dyes

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Hey there! With Easter only days away, we wanted to remind you of a fun, easy, and most importantly, natural way to dye eggs. This time last year, Katie and I decided to experiment with common kitchen ingredients to make our dyes.  Here are Katie’s eggs using purple onion skins, tumeric and purple cabbage.  For eggs dyed with coffee, cherries, cumin, paprika, and brown onion skins follow my instructions. Other than your dye ingredient, you’ll just need some water and vinegar, but as you’ll see in Katie’s post, you can also use a few drops of vegetable oil to make your eggs shine.

This is a great project to do with kids, because you can turn them into scientists ~ they’ll see these foods in new ways and may even want to experiment with dyes from other foods and plants (you may want to start with just a couple of the foods on that list, and then do some guided exploring to have them test out the other foods).

Let us know how it goes!


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