DIY Christmas Presents : Eats & Treats

Merry Monday everyone! Christmas is coming quicker than I can handle, so while I shop online today, I’m also going to whip up a few homemade Christmas gifts that everyone on my list will enjoy.  I love giving and receiving edible gifts. Knowing the treats were made with love and care in someone’s kitchen makes them extra enjoyable.  If you still don’t have a present for me, here are a few suggestions 😉 liveseasoned_spring2015_hazelnutliqueur3-1024x889 liveseasoned_spring2015_hazelnutliqueur6


Hazelnut Liqueur – Is the perfect present for the holidays.  The warming liqueur is smooth and delicious. Hazelnut Liqueur does take about 2.5 weeks to make though, so if you’re planning on mixing up a batch you better start today!  Bring along a bottle of homemade Hazelnut Liqueur to your next holiday party and I guarantee you’ll have a dozen more friends by the time you leave.

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil – Is a lovely present for the chef in your life. They’ll certainly think of you each time they use it. Buy a nice bottle of olive oil for this project (although I used an inexpensive brand and it still turned out really tasty) and a unique dispenser to enhance this simple gift idea.

Candied Citrus Rinds – Beware: these candied citrus rinds are addictive.  When it comes to making candy, citrus rinds covered in sugar are about as easy as you can get.  Make an enormous batch, bag them up, and share them with every sweet tooth in town.

Orange-Flavored Marshmallows – Are only a billion times better than regular marshmallows.  It feels wrong to even compare homemade mallows to store-bought Jet Puffed brand, but I had no idea the immense difference in texture and taste until I made these orange-flavored citrus marshmallows.  Have any little ones in your life?  Try pairing a small batch of homemade marshmallows with a cute mug and a jar of hot chocolate, they’ll love you forever, or at least until the sugar high wares off!

Pistachio and Orange Torrone – This soft and chewy nougat-type treat is made from honey, sugar, egg whites, and nuts.  Torrone is actually a common Christmas day treat in Spanish cultures so what better time to share this sweet with your loved ones?

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