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This is the start of an adventure dreamed up by us (Katie and Sarah). We are sisters that grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania, from there we took off in our own directions, studied, traveled, and now have settled for a bit in east coast college towns. Along the way, we each developed a serious love of creating a well-nourished life, full of food, movement, crafting, and exploring. But just as our wardrobes change by the seasons, so do our meals, projects, and travels.

After finishing her degree in photojournalism, Sarah took off for a semester of teaching in Thailand followed by a few months traveling around southeast Asia. Now she lives in North Carolina, where the winters are just warm enough to keep her sane. Between blog posts she’s an avid yogi, a self-employed photographer, and is busy preparing for her first solo photo exhibit!

Katie’s older than Sarah by nine (9!) years. With a few environmental science and geography degrees under her belt, she can’t help but get excited whenever she can blend her formal training with her creative endeavors at home. Katie’s son was born in the spring of 2013. She’s still learning the ropes of motherhood and anticipates that the lessons won’t stop for the next few decades. You can expect Katie to offer the more mature (i.e. frazzled new mom) perspective to Sarah’s younger spirit!

We are both serious about living a life that is choreographed by the seasons, and Seasoned is a space we created to share this adventure. We’ll post local and international exploits under the Explore tab. Dwell & Craft are where you’ll find ideas for creating a richer life at home. And perhaps most importantly, it’s hard to take on the world if you’re not healthy. Nurture is where you’ll find us looking for ways to care for our body and mind.

We’re so excited you stopped by and we hope you’ll stick around!


-Sarah & Katie

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