Welcome December

Near the beginning of each month we like to pause and take a look at what’s going on in the world around us. Over time, these posts have transformed into a little op-ed about what’s going on with us each month.

We’re only five days into December, and I feel like it’s been here for ever. It must be the Christmas invasion.

December can create such a mix of emotions in us. There’s the obvious joy and celebration of the holidays, but there’s also the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmas and New Years. There’s the cozy feeling of evenings in front of the fire, but also the pent up energy and angst from short days and not enough time spent outside.


Just reading that probably gave someone the shivers. Sorry.

Anyway, we’re doing our best to enjoy every savory and crazy moment of this month.

Savoring the Season

To begin with, our favorite Christmas albums are on repeat.  Need suggestions? Below are a few of our faves. We’re also listing them in the sidebar for easy access. These are three completely different albums, and yet each should easily fit into your holiday soundtrack.

  • December by George Winston is an album of beautiful piano solos. Perfect for a mellow evening dinner with friends or early Sunday morning brunch.
  • In Winter by Katie Melua a collection of winter & holiday-themed songs sung by Melua and the Gori Women’s Choir. So good. Great for afternoon listening while wrapping presents and baking.
  • The Bells of Dublin by The Chieftains a collection of Christmas and holiday-themed music sung by this Irish group & guests artists. It’s the soundtrack of our family holidays, and there’s nothing quite like a Christmas album that includes a song called the St. Steven’s Day Murders. Perfect for a party. Even if it’s just you drinking eggnog and helping Santa on Christmas Eve.


I’m also excited to watch our favorite holiday movies. Below are a few that always top our list, but it should be noted that these are Schu family favorites, and many who marry into the family think we’re crazy when we’re sitting around the TV and laughing until we cry.

I love having Christmas songs and movies on in the background while we’re crafting and baking.

We’re making gift lists and checking them twice. As always, I’m enjoying the work that goes into personalized gifts. The boys and I have been busy this year with a few special projects. I’m so happy that they’re getting big enough to get involved in the making and giving. I just finished up our annual photo album and had such a great time reviewing last year’s photos.

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to throwing a Christmas party for our friends! We’re doing an open house on Christmas Eve, and inviting friends to stop in anytime. It’s the first time that we’re doing something like this, but I’m hopeful that it’s a success and becomes a sort-of tradition.

Our pap own a store, and while we were growing up, it was open on Christmas Eve. Partly for last-minute shoppers, but also (I think) because our pap loved having everyone stop in to visit with drinks flowing in the back of the store.

Hopefully we can recreate that same feeling with the Chieftains playing, kids running around, and clinking glasses.

We don’t have a menu yet, but I would love to have some homemade marshmallows and hot chocolate… or maybe that could be the party favor?!


While I’m excited for the party and the holidays in general, I’m trying my hardest not to rush through the month. I’ve made a little list of ideas for December, everything from simple afternoon activities to adventures. Being intentional about how I spend my time helps me to slow down, enjoy the season, and then have a much richer month to look back on. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a list (or two) may be just the thing.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful December! xo

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