Weaving Tree

I want to introduce you to our semi-permanent weaving tree.

live seasoned weaving tree-5

live seasoned weaving tree-20

We have a fairly large “backyard”. It doesn’t have grass, and it’s fairly steep in parts. But while it lacks a traditional yard, it comes with a whole lot of adventure.

It’s easy to hike for just a few minutes and completely lose sight of the house. It has great climbing rocks. It has all sorts of wildlife (and the exciting “scat!” that they leave behind).

live seasoned weaving tree-8

I have a goal/vision of wanting to create more magical and adventurous spaces in our wild yard. Places that can become destinations if we’re outside. Some places, like this tree, may encourage the boys to slow down and spend some time there. Other places, like the hillside slides that only exist in my imagination, will zoom the boys down the hill, adding fuel to their already adventurous spirits.
live seasoned weaving tree-3live seasoned weaving tree-7

live seasoned weaving tree-19

I started this tree with the boys about a month or so ago. We just wound heavy duty jute around the the two trees, creating a “warp” for us to weave into.

live seasoned weaving tree-10

live seasoned weaving tree-9

On that first day, we wove grasses and other natural objects into the weaving tree.

On the day these photographs were taken, I took some wool to the tree. I’m hoping that a few birds may find our yarn and decide to take bits for their nests… although, the boys are such expert knot-makers that the wool may be hard to unwind.

live seasoned weaving tree-4
And that’s perfectly ok. The one rule about the weaving tree is that there’s no right or wrong way to weave.

This zone is for the boys. I want them to know it as a space where they can explore their creativity. When we’re at the tree, I may provide some materials (like the wool), but I’m hoping that they’ll start to experiment with natural materials that they find. Since we’re heading into winter, the pickings are slim, but I would love to see them weaving flowers, herbs, and all sorts of grasses into the rustic loom when spring arrives.
live seasoned weaving tree-18 live seasoned weaving tree-17

I referred to this as a semi-permanent space because I’m sure that it will change over time. I’m hoping that the jute lasts long enough for us to create a few substantial weavings, but I’m sure that it will eventually start to break. As it does, we will repair it. live seasoned weaving tree-16 live seasoned weaving tree-15 live seasoned weaving tree-14

If you don’t have good trees or even a backyard, there are other ways that you can create nature weavings at home. This post contains beautiful examples using sticks as the frame and weaving fresh flowers and other foliage into the warp.

Have you created “destinations” in your backyard? If so, I would love to hear about them. I’m always looking for ideas that will excite the boys, both creatively and physically.
live seasoned weaving tree-13 live seasoned weaving tree-12 live seasoned weaving tree-11

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