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Sarah Here :

Happy Friday! Today I’m prepping for a week-long camping trip with close friends, a family of goofy Brazilians. I spent all week making lists, buying supplies and packing bags. My guests have never slept in tents before which means this whole experience will be completely foreign for them.  When was the last time you tried something new? Were you nervous? Excited? Prepared? Worried? I’m trying my best to anticipate my guests’ feelings so I can make everyone comfortable to ensure a great time.

Here’s a rundown of how I began planning this vacation:

  • Find a great location – think of climate, beauty and accessibility to activities.
  • Reserve a campsite – I choose a rustic site, but you could search for a cabin, yurt, or decked out campsite if that’s more your speed.
  • Make a list of activities and natural attractions. If you’re headed to an area with limited cell reception, jot down important details like directions.
  • Make a list of meal ideas and ingredients.
  • Plan a schedule that incorporates the activities and meals taking into account the time and energy that will be spent on both. I tried to pair high-energy activities with nurishing, but easy meals and vice-versa.
  • Think through each activity and meal and write a list of supplies needed.
  • Borrow, rent or buy whatever you may need for your trip.
  • Pack your bags, while again thinking over each acitivity, and you should have all you need!
  • Remember, if you have a first aid kit, a reliable shelter, and a few basics, you will be fine. You can always pick up whatever else you may be missing on day one.

I’m off to pack a bit more. Have a great weekend and if you’re stateside, stay safe this July 4th!

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