Two Bits

_DSC4753It’s Friiiiday! We’re all looking forward to the weekend so just remember that on your commute home today – try not to angry honk at anyone even if they have bird brains 😉

Sarah Here :

I’ve been feeling way under the weather this week so I’m treating this weekend like the past few days, lots of baths (and bath bombs!), my favorite chicken soup, some good books and a healthy dose of relaxing. I can’t help but wonder if all the traveling and working (4 shoots in 5 days) over the past week is what knocked me off my feet, what a softie, right? Thankfully next week will be an editing marathon so I’ll be staying at home instead of out meeting clients. The flexibility of my job has me feeling seriously blue for those of you who are not able to take adequate time off for illness and other mental and physical problems that come your way. Remember to take it easy if you’re not feeling a hundred percent. Life can wait, it really can. Take care of yourself! XO


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