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Happy Friday!  It seems like each week that I’m home from my big adventure, I just get sleepier and sleepier.  I’m not sure if I keep taking on more work each week or if I really am just tired.  I feel like I did so much during my time in Nepal, especially during the yoga teacher training and trek, but here I am, just trying to work 8-10 hours a day and I’m exhausted.  Anyway, all that is to say, f yeahhh for Fridays.  I wanted to leave you with a few podcast episodes relating in some way to terrorism because it’s been a sh!t storm on social media this week and this is the only intelligent way I know how to enter the conversation. Go ahead and listen to one or all of these episodes this weekend.

This American Life 387: Arms Trader 2009

This American Life 471: The Convert

This American Life 572: Transformers

Katie here :

My head has also been back and forth all week between living in the moment with the boys as we enjoy fall and prepare for Thanksgiving, and then listening to the radio and reading social media comments about the situation with ISIS and the confusion about who refugees are, why they are fleeing, why then need our compassion, and finally, how we can help. I am definitely not educated enough to speak on many of those points, but I do know that they are fellow humans in great need of help. If you are interested in learning more and are looking for ways to reach out, Girl’s Gone Child has a great post up with many thoughtful ideas.

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