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Each Friday we share some tidbits from our week.  We want to break down these internet barriers and invite you into our lives and we’re hoping you’ll do the same.  You are welcome to share a bit of your week or day in the comments, or if they’re better represented by a photo, tag us on instagram @liveseasoned

Sarah Here :



It’s so lovely to be home when the leaves are changing.  Autumn is a season I can’t stand to miss.  This week I drank almost two gallons of local cider, took the pup for a few hikes, and edited photos from Nepal for at least twenty-five hours.  Usually it’s equal parts amazing and agonizing to edit travel photos, but this time there’s a bit of inspiration in the mix.  I’m finally pursuing my goal of being a travel writer and while I won’t say too much more right now, I’ll keep you updated on that front.

I also came up with a Halloween costume yesterday, which means I’m scurrying around trying to put it together on the cheap.  Each year, Chapel Hill has a huge party on Franklin Street, an amazing people watching (and meeting) event to celebrate the holiday.  Check our Instagram on Saturday to see the result of my last minute decision 🙂

Katie has been busy keeping this blog afloat while I was trekking and traveling home so I’m sure her bits reads something like this, “Naps, naps, nappity naps since that stinkin’ Sarah is finally home to help with our labor of love.”

Happy Halloween my friends – be safe out there!

Katie Here :

ugg! Today’s been quite a day so far, and I’m running on too little sleep…. but – I’m SO HAPPY SARAH’S BACK! Can’t wait to give her a big squeeze in person!

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