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We want to break down these internet barriers and invite you into our lives and we’re hoping you’ll do the same.  You are welcome to share a bit of your week or day in the comments, or if they’re better represented by a photo, tag us on instagram @liveseasoned.

Katie here :


Our week has been pretty lazy with just a touch of cabin fever. We’ve been overwhelmed by the cloudy and rainy days here (and the forecast for another week of rain ahead, ugg). While we would love spend more time outside than in, we’ve been looking for creative ways to spend our time inside; we’ve painted, played with blocks, and trains, but there’s only so many times you can do those things before even little A starts to go crazy. We still got outside, we just ended up cold and wet! As a result, we had plenty of time to watch the bird feeders this week. As you might have seen on Instagram, we had a flock of evening grosbeaks visit and we had a broad tailed hummingbird fighting with our black chinned hummer fighting for a place at the feeder. So that’s our wet week, how was yours?

Sarah here:

While Kate’s been bird watching, I’ve been dog wrangling.  I’m pup-sitting two other dogs this week, which means dogs currently outnumber the humans in this tiny apartment.  It’s pretty cozy around here besides the lack of a dog door that the two visitor pups are used to. Yes, they’ve taken turns pooping on the living room floor while K and I were asleep.  After night two, I decided to just sleep at the dogs’ house so they have access to their doggy door because I heard you can’t teach an old dog new house training rules anyway…

North Carolina made the switch from Spring to Summer this past week too. It is HOT and soon time to shut the windows and turn on the AC, bummer! The mosquitoes, spiders and ants are out in full force too.  Looks like I’m going to have to learn some ant remedies fast because there is a colony taking over my kitchen counter as I type this post.  There’s also a dog under my desk, one laying behind my chair and another sitting on my lap!  Looks like I have enough creatures to keep me company this weekend 🙂

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