Travel, travel, travel: always on the brain.

I think about traveling every. single. day. Sometimes it’s motivating, sometimes I feel bummed that I’m not off romping around and sometimes those thoughts encourage me to search for travel jobs and update my website.  Tonight I did the later and after working a couple twelve hour not-so-exciting days in a row, all I want is to live in a van and drive, drive, drive.  Instead I’ll post some photos – a few of these didn’t make the cut for my website.  Maybe they’ll give you the urge to get out there or maybe the lottery gods will read this post and my numbers will win tonight 😉







See the peak on the right? I sat on top of it and all of a sudden got really nervous that I was going to fall off. Heights are funny. You think you’re OK with them until you’re way up there.  I just re-discovered a cliff jumping video from Thailand and I can hear the fear in my voice! That and I actually say, “Sarah Schu is a little scared.” You know it’s bad when you’re talking in the third person…

Funny video, right? I have mud on my head and I’m terrified while the dudes are basically saying, “stop being a girl and just jump already.” If you dig the travel videos, I’ll share some more. I haven’t looked at them in three years and I’ve never showed them to anyone!

I just realized that all, but one of those photos were taken in Colorado.  Maybe I’m just missing Katie, C and the nephews?! The only photo that’s not from the rocky mountain state, is the ocean shot, which was taken in Florida while I was visiting my childhood best friend. I’m actually headed down to Clearwater, Florida next weekend for her wedding! Yep. My BFF is getting married. I can’t even handle it.  I’m so overwhelmed with joy for her. It’s really an amazing feeling and I’m so happy I get to experience it. I know it’s not my day, but damn it it’s special for me too! I keep having nightmares about giving a toast at the reception! Any tips on that? Is it a coincidence that I gravitated strongly towards that ocean shot without realizing at first that it was from Florida? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Travel, travel, travel: always on the brain.

  1. love the pix and video. You are fearless…you did indeed jump. As far as the toast….speak from your heart and you won’t go wrong. And while you are there put your toes in the ocean for me.

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