Ginger Beer Cocktails

Ginger is our ingredient of the season! Join the fun!

Consider today’s post a PSA. One that should not be ignored.

Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Brew is hands down one of our favorite ginger beers.  But you gotta get there quick because this is a seasonal ingredient*. I know.


Ginger Beer

Although its name implies an alcoholic beverage, ginger beer doesn’t not contain alcohol. But it’s also not quite a soda, like ginger ale. Ginger beer (or brew) was originally created by a fermentation process using yeast, ginger, sugar, and possibly other ingredients. The fermentation process creates the carbonation, as in beer, but unlike ginger ale, which gets its carbonation from carbonated water. BUT today I notice that many ginger beers contain carbonated water and I’ve read that today’s “beers” aren’t actually fermented any more.

In the case of TJ’s brew, whether fermented or not, they are able to achieve a nice, fiery ginger flavor that I love. Something that warms your belly and soul on a cold winter evening. TJ’s brew also contains light citrus notes coming from the lemon, lime, and pineapple juices.

Ginger Beer Cocktails

Our serving suggestion : add a shot of absolutely anything and you’ll be just fine.

But in all seriousness, there are a few delicious cocktails make with just ginger beer, a shot of alcohol, and a squeeze of lime.

  • Dark & Stormy {ginger beer/dark rum/lime} : this is how I was first introduced to ginger beer. It was in a basement bar in Boston and a dark winter night. Who wouldn’t order the Dark & Stormy?
  • Moscow Mule {ginger beer/vodka/lime} : who doesn’t know this hipster drink served in its hip copper mug?
  • Gin & Ginger {ginger beer/gin/lime} : I swear this is a drink that my friend would order at bars in Philly, but a quick Google search didn’t turn up anything. All I know is that it’s good, and it’s a regular around these parts.
  • Ginger Cuke {ginger beer/vodka/cucumber juice/lime/sage}

Of course, you could always drink it straight up. ha! Go make yourself a big bowl of our ginger pomegranate punch.

Whatever you do, get yourselves to TJ’s before I clear the shelves.

*In all honesty, I think they carry their ginger brew through most of the holiday or winter season, but I don’t take any chances. You’ll always find a couple of bottles in my cart… I shudder to remember the great exploding incident of 2015 when the season ended early and all bottles unceremoniously removed from the shelves.
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