Teachable Moments : Letters

Living with kids, we’re realizing that there are teachable moments all around us! So we’re turning them into a blog series. Example number 1 : BUGS!

I guess it was about a year ago, when Alex was just turning three, that we started to pay more attention to letters. It began with singing the alphabet and spelling his name, and then we started to help him identify the letters all around him : pointing out letters that we saw on daily adventures, spelling words on packages and in store windows, and it’s snowballed from there.


Early on, we realized that we could minimize a lot of letter confusion if we just stuck to one case, and for now our focus is on uppercase letters. They’re everywhere! ūüėČ

And in this post I wanted to share¬†a few of the fun ways that we’ve increased the letter play in our house. Continue reading

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How To: Create a Care Package in Five Simple Steps

live seasoned fall15 care package five steps

live seasoned fall15 care package-1-2¬†¬†¬†Happy Monday friends! ¬†Way back when we started this blog, we had intentions of posting something inspiring and uplifting every Monday, cause ya know, Mondays, amiright? ¬†I’m especially excited to share this spur of the moment Monday inspiration post with you because I just photographed it ten minutes ago. ¬†There’s something energizing about writing a post that you thought of and followed through with all in the span of a couple hours. ¬†It’s either that or the extreme procrastination of it all that really amps me up. ¬†Anyway, here’s some creative inspiration for this Monday morning : how to create a care package in five simple steps.

Creating care packages is pretty much my favorite past time. ¬†I’m always in the process of putting together something for someone. ¬†Sealing up the envelope and shipping it off to an unsuspecting recipient makes me feel like the santa of snail mail. ¬†There’s nothing reaaaally special in each envelope, but the whole feeling of the package is sure to put a smile on a friend’s face. ¬†Usually when I make one care package, I end up creating a dozen more so I put together a simple formula to make sure each of my envelopes contains just the right ingredients to inspire my pals.

Continue reading

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