Best of the Season : Fall 2015

At the end of each season, we take a look back and highlight our favorite posts. See previous Seasonal Bests here.

It’s that time again. Kate and I like to take a look at our favorite posts from the past season in order to appreciate the projects we’ve tackled and pat ourselves on the belly for making so many desserts without gaining twenty pounds.  What kind of fun did you get into this fall?

Katie here : I had to jump in and state the obvious: time is going too quickly. I really feel it whenever we’re transitioning between seasons on the blog, but even so, I love these “Best of” posts, because they make me sit down and review the previous season. It’s always a nice reminder that we packed so much life, food, and fun into the previous three months. Yet the blog posts are just a snippet of our daily life; for example, seeing a post about pumpkin curry also reminds me that behind the scenes that was an early introduction of solid foods for Luc. Rather than be sad for how fleeting the season is, this moment of reflection gives me the motivation I need to jump into the next season with both feet as I get excited about all that lies ahead this winter. So, here’s our little toast to a fall well lived and the anticipation of a winter season full of promise.


Best of Soups & Sides

  • Katie’s pick : I loved our three sisters stew. As I mentioned in the post, I went against my gut and didn’t roast the squash, rather I diced it while raw and added it to the soup, and it added a nice texture to the stew.
  • Sarah’s pick : Yum ditty dum, Kate’s cauliflower soup was excellent.


Best of Dinners

  • Katie’s pick : It’s a tie between the pumpkin curry and pumpkin chili. They were both well received by everyone in the family, including little Luc!
  • Sarah’s pick : The butternut squash pasta was the perfect combination of flavorful and filling.


Best of Desserts

  • Katie’s pick : I’m still thinking about that pumpkin pudding, and am serious about doing a few more pudding posts in the future.
  • Sarah’s pick : I loved Kate’s pumpkin whoopie post even if she didn’t exactly pat herself on the back after that one…


Best of Drinks

  •  Katie & Sarah’s pick : The homemade pumpkin spice latte wins hands down.  True, it’s the only drink we made this season, but it is also delicious.


Best of Crafts

  • Katie’s pick : Am I allowed to boast and say the sweater project? There were moments when I just wanted to be done knitting the sweater, but those were mostly moments when I was worried about how it would turn out. I loved the challenge of a project like that.
  • Sarah’s pick : How to create a care package was not only the most fun post to produce, but I felt so much love and gratitude from the recipients of these brown envelopes.


Best of Health & Beauty

  • Katie’s pick :  The pumpkin face mask was so moisturizing. I’m hoping to convince Sarah and Kristin that they have to try it when they visit dry Colorado this winter. 
  • Sarah’s pick : I really enjoy window shopping and learning about reputable companies so fair trade favorites for fall is my top pick for fashion posts this fall.


Best How To

  • Katie’s pick : Oh man, cooking with little A is such a trip that I have to pick the cooking with kids-pumpkin muffins post.
  • Sarah’s pick : How to survive an international flight should be on everyone’s must read list before traveling for the holidays.


Best of Nature

  • Katie’s pick : Eldorado Canyon State Park, because while we didn’t get to do as much fall camping as we would have liked, that post reminds me that we got to hike on some new-to-us trails. 
  • Sarah’s pick : World rivers day was so magical for me this year that I’m feeling inspired to celebrate that seriously on all environmental holidays.


Best Around the House

  • Katie’s pick : Painting a mountain mural, because it was the first big paint job in our new house and I’m happy with how well it turned out.
  • Sarah’s pick : I loved reading about the shower spray, orchids, and bee home updates from Kate.


Best of Travel

  • Katie’s pick : Oh, those gardens of Nepal. I love traveling vicariously through Sarah.
  • Sarah’s pick : Tips for visiting temples will save you an embarrassing moment or two – I loved sharing advice in this post almost as much as I love visiting temples!

Well, what do you think? Were there any favorite posts from fall that we missed?  We love hearing what you enjoy reading here on Seasoned so give us a shout in the comments 🙂


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