Seasoned View: Vol. 16

Each month we share our Seasoned View.  Snapshots of nature and daily life taken by the Seasoned sisters. Find last month’s past months’ here.

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Happy Monday! If you live in the States, I hope you had a relaxing holiday weekend and your pups survived the fireworks shows.  Did you happen to catch the Women’s World Cup game yesterday?!  It was amazing! I remember watching the U.S.A. win against China in 1999.  The game was broadcasting right after one of my soccer games and one of the coaches actually brought a bulky T.V. and an antenna so the team could sit and watch the World Cup game.  It was so sunny and the glare off the bubble screen was so bad that we were all practically peeing our pants with anticipation during the shootout.  I have no idea how my team did that day or even that season, but watching the U.S.A. team defeat China, with my teammates by my side, is certainly a memory I’ll never forget.  I’m never one to cheer too loudly or buy team jerseys, but looking back, I do have a lot of memories tied to various sports games.  Do you remember where you were during any specific tournaments or Super Bowl games?  What stands out in your mind about the celebrations?  These little memory exercises are a good reminder that I should gather my friends around more often even if I’m not that invested in one team or another.  Sometimes you need a specific event to tie your memories down so they’re not forgotten.  Do you find this is the case for you as well? Another more obvious way that I record memories is through photography.  Below are some recent nature shots for our July Seasoned View.  If you’re down with a dark and moody desktop, download Katie’s spectacular shot of a summer storm; it’s my favorite of the bunch!  You can upload one or all of these photos to use as your desktop background or as phone and tablet wallpapers.  Simply click on the download link below each photo and save the image.  Enjoy!

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