Sock Bun Tutorial

Today I learned that a summer cold-front in North Carolina means low eighties. Oh. My.  This sweet little sock bun tutorial perfect for what are sure to be sweaty days ahead.  Sock buns are magical.  Why you ask? I’m surprised you don’t already know, but I’ll tell you anyway.  They have the power to transform dirty, unkept hair into a tame, polished mane in a matter of minutes, especially for those of us (looking into a mirror as I type this) who hate spending time getting ready.  Sock buns are also perfect for work and play because while they’re polished they’re also SO STINKIN’ CUTE (katie here : after reading this post, I noticed that Sarah thinks sock buns are just a wee bit cute.). We all need something cute in our lives and today it’s the sweetest little (or big!) bun that has a secret sock inside of it.

Our sister Kristin is the sock bun queen, and how great are those pink lips and hair tips?  She wears her bun like no other, so who better to show us how to rock the sock?  Kris also put a sock bun in Virginia’s hair, which is just past shoulder length, so don’t shy away from the sock if your hair isn’t quite as long as Kristin’s.




  • Cut the toe off of a dress sock.  The more sock, the thicker the bun.
  • With both hands, pinch the sock with your index finger and thumb. Roll the sock outwards onto its self like shown.  Continue rolling until you are left with a little sock donut.
  • Put your hair in a high pony tail on the very top of your head.  For a polished look, brush your hair into a high pony.  For a more relaxed hairdo, finger brush your hair into a pony, keeping some of those little bumps and imperfections.
  • Grab your pony tail in one hand and your sock donut in the other.  Stick the ends of your pony tail through the sock donut hole. (That is a new age Wheel Of Fortune before and after if I ever heard one). Press the ends of your pony tail on the outside edge of the sock donut and gently roll it towards the top of your head.  Take care to ensure all of your pony tail ends wrap around the outside of the donut.
  • Continue rolling the sock donut towards your head while making sure your hair rolls with the donut.  As you roll, arrange the hair evenly around the sock donut.  The motion kind of reminds me of revving the engine of a motorcycle.  You know how you put your hands on the handle bars and roll your wrist back while you say vroooooom vroooooom? Well rolling your hair onto the sock bun is very similar except your hands are facing in towards each other instead of forward (katie here: did you happen to write this post at 3am?).
  • Your hair will get tighter as you move down towards your head.  Keep rolling it uniformly to ensure the best hairdo.
  • Once you’re finished rolling, you can add bobby pins to make it feel more secure.  Some days I add bobby pins and some days I don’t.  It usually depends on how polished I want the bun to look.  Secure fly-aways with hairspray if that’s your style.
  • Prance around in the heat and humidity with a hairstyle that won’t let you down.

We hope you liked our first hair tutorial!  We’d like to share more simple styles with you, if you dig.  We’re low maintenance gals, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to look cute! We just don’t want to spend too much time trying to get the look, rather we prefer if it can happen as naturally and painlessly as possible!  Sound familiar?  So far, this sock bun is as close to natural as it gets. “Yep, that’s all my hair, no, there’s not a sock on my head!”  Now go, go dance like a ballerina with your sweet little sock bun hairdo.


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