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Happy Monday folks! Today we wanted to spread the spring love by passing on a few photos for your desktop.  You can download any or all of the images to use as backgrounds for your computer or even phone and tablet wallpapers.  The download link for each photo can be found right underneath each one.  We hope you enjoy these fresh and bright spring pics.

Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 10.22.05 PM


Click to download the Shrubby Cinquefoil Wallpaper.



Click to download the Giant Cicada Wallpaper.



Click to download the Bicycle Chain Wallpaper.



Click here to download the Lichen Tree Wallpaper.



Click here to download the Cherry Blossom Wallpaper.



Click here to download the Fern Rock Wallpaper.

Each of these photos were taken by either Katie or I during the month of April.  We hope they’ll bring you some warmth and inspiration and we’ll be back next month with more.  Let us know if there’s anything special you’d like to see in the coming months and we’ll do our best!

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