Seasoned View: Vol 6

Each month we share our Seasoned View.  Snapshots of nature taken by the Seasoned sisters. Find last month’s here and past month’s here.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you’re a) enjoying your day off or b) enjoying your day at work. I plan on grilling up something delicious and doing a bit of work while I sip on this.  What do you have planned for the day? Before you get to it, scroll through our September picks and upload one or all of them to use as your desktop background or even phone and tablet wallpapers.  Simply click on the download link below each photo and save the image.  Enjoy!



liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview2Click here for pollinator.


liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview4Click here for delicate grass.

liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedviewClick here for cabbage.

liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview3Click here for mini mushrooms.

liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview7Click here for caterpillar.

liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview6Click here for spider web.

liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview1Click here for fungus.


liveseasoned_fall14_seasonedview2Click here for autumn leaves.


Which one are you going to choose? I’m sporting the bright green cabbage right now.  It looks so crisp on my big screen 🙂 We hope you enjoy your desktop swag – pass on the nature love by spreading the word about Seasoned View: Vol. 6. Happy Monday and have a sweet September!


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