Seasoned View: Vol. 10

Each month we share our Seasoned View.  Snapshots of nature taken by the Seasoned sisters. Find last month’s here and past month’s here.

Happy New Year!  Katie and I took a major blogging break over the holidays.  We were both busy traveling and celebrating with family, but not each other! During Christmas and New Years, Kate hung out with her in-laws in Colorado and I visited my boyfriend’s family in Pennsylvania.  Our family get together starts today, just in time for Russian Christmas! I can’t wait to see Katie and my little nephew along with the rest of the Schu crew.  Bear with us this week, the blogging may be slow due all the hugs and conversations we need to catch up on.  If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, these photos will seem a little unrelatable and hey, good for you! If you are currently freezing your bum off in the Northern Hemisphere, know that we’re with you.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.59.47 AM

You can upload one or all of these photos to use as your desktop background or even as phone and tablet wallpapers.  Simply click on the download link below each photo and save the image.  Enjoy!

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-5Click here for Snowy Branches.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-1Click here for Happy New Year.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-1-2Click here for January Hike.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-1-4Click here for Frosty Sweetgums.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-3Click here for Greenery.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-2-2Click here for My View.

liveseasoned_winter14_seasonedview10-4Click here for Winter Bouldering.


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