Saxis Souvenirs 2017

For the first couple of years that our beach house has been in the family, everyone got homemade t-shirts (first with a sailboat silhouette and then with a blue crab). So as not to overstuff our shirt drawers, we’ve steered away from t-shirts more recently. Last year the souvenirs were canvas bags and water bottles (with clams!).  This year we went with pint glasses for the adults and t-shirts for the kids!


When thinking about what to put on the souvenirs, Sarah happened to mention that the dragonfly populations were out of control this year. That’s actually a good thing, because the dragonflies love to snack on mosquitos! To add some interest, I played with words and wrote “Where dragons fly.”

Just as last year, I ordered everything from Cafe Press. It’s a site that I’ve ordered from many times before and am comfortable with the design software. In order to cut down on costs, I always try to use a coupon (there’s usually one available in my email), and whenever it makes sense, I’ll order enough to get a bulk discount. That’s what I did with the pint glasses, because we always have extra visitors at during the month and it’s nice to be able to give them something.

Pint glasses are a perfect gift for this crowd. We’re beer drinkers who happen to never turn down a good over-indulgent Bloody Mary. The boys, on the other hand, go bonkers for the milkshakes served at the stand across the street… so I took a few pics of them running off to get a treat.


I did a front-back design on the shirts, putting “Saxis, VA” on the back and “Where dragons fly.” on the front. I really love this phrase paired with the images of dragonflies. It’s so cute and slightly magical. I have a feeling that I may use this again in some other way.


For them, this month at the beach is always pretty magical…


And for us, the adult version of magical is Bloody Marys in PJs.


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