Sarah’s Spring Uniform


Today I wanted to share my official spring uniform.  Sorry gents, this post is for the ladies, unless you wanna peep at my accessories and such.  I’m the kind of gal that finds an outfit she loves and then sticks to it religiously.  I like to call it my uniform.  Seriously, you’ll find me in this outfit for the next month.  I’ll switch up the shoes depending on the activity and the t-shirt obviously, but that’s pretty much it.  For instance, I photographed this yesterday, but I’m wearing the same jeans and sweater only with a tank top and my trail shoes this time.  I know this style post isn’t groundbreaking, but I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile.  It’s kind of tricky since I have to set my camera up on a tripod for the shots so it will be fun to see how these posts progress and improve over time, until then, here’s bar zero.


Why is this the perrrrfect spring outfit?  Welp, the long knit keeps me nice and cozy and adds a little bit of a dressed up feel, while the jeans and basic tee keep it comfy and casual.  Depending on the shoes and the shirt, this outfit can transform from work-meeting to three-mile-photo hike appropriate – you know – all the most important spring activities. So hit up that farmer’s market this weekend, but throw on a long duster first 😉


I guess this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you what I’m wearing.  In a way, that bugs me. I mean, yeah, if there is something you really love, shout it from the roof tops and support the brand, which we do a lot on Seasoned, but I don’t want to perpetuate the ‘Kim K only buys XYZ; I need to strive to only by XYZ,’ culture that we live in. I mean, you can obviously tell that by the clothes I’m wearing. Hah! If I remember where I purchased something I let you know or if there’s a better version out there I’ll also tell you that, but shop to your own standards. You have the purchasing power. Support local or handmade or responsible production or whatever matters most to you. K? K.


In a perfect world, I would be wearing these boots, but I’m actually wearing a $40 version of them. They look similar, but mine aren’t leather and they won’t last as long, although this is year two so yeeehaw!  Jeans are Old Navy and Sweetheart style (fits me perfectly, eh?).  These jeans are also a couple years old and one of only two pairs of jeans that I own so they are worn A LOT.  The sweater is a new favorite from Forever21.  I totally had the same duster when I was in seventh grade… I think I wore that one just as often. Full circle, friends.

As for the accessories: my necklace is one of a kind – made by Buffy Maske. Here is a sweet similar one though. The simple silver ring is my favorite of all time.  It looks like mine is no longer available, but this one is just as pretty.  If you need a camera strap, I always buy mine from here. This was my old strap – aren’t they awesome? The roadrunner bracelet was bought from a Native American man on the streets of Santa Fe, the middle bracelet is a DIY and the ammonite was mined in Madagascar and bought on the side of the road in New Mexico.


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