Minty Fresh Deodorant

Mint is our ingredient of the season. We love to use it in drinks, both alcoholic and not, in salads, both savory and sweet, and in the shower!

There couldn’t be a better time for this post. Why? Because it’s about deodorant, and I bet you’re getting your smell on by late afternoon this summer. And because this recipe requires coconut oil, which is sure to be in a liquid state on any given 80+ degree day, making mixing easy!


Now, to back this truck up, today we’re talking about making our own non-toxic, totally biodegradable deodorant that’s safe for your body and smells great too! I’ve been using this exact recipe for close to four years now and feel no need to go back to the store-bought stuff.  You may already have the ingredients in your house, but if you don’t, they are relatively cheap* and each have other uses in your house/kitchen. Finally, it’s always fun to mix up a potion, particularly one that you can personalize with your favorite scents!


Ingredients & Supplies

(This batch will last for months.)

  • 1/4 cup corn starch
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 5-6 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 5 drops peppermint oil
  • 3 drops tea tree oil
  • a container for storage (canning jars work great)


  • Mix the powders.
  • Add the coconut oil to the powders and mix until well-blended. If you’re in AC and your coconut oil is hard, you’ll just have to mix it with your hands to warm the oil slightly. You want the mixture to reach a pomade consistency.
  • Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. I used the quantity of mint and tea tree listed above, but the sky’s the limit here!
  • Pour or scoop the mixture into a container for storage. I like to fill a small weck jar for everyday use (not having to screw on or off the lid makes it easy to access), and I store the rest in a pint jar with a screw-on lid.
  • To use scoop out a pea-sized amount, rub it between your fingertips to soften and then apply it to your stink-zone. Once made, I think it’s as easy to use as my old roll-on.


I realize that this post may not appeal to everyone (*cough* Sarah *cough*), but…

  • The first hurdle is getting the ingredients and making up a batch.
  • Some people see coconut oil as an ingredient and worry about stains, but I’ve never had a problem with stains. In fact, I’ve had less stains because it’s the aluminium zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly  in commercial antiperspirants that mixes with sweat and creates the yellowed stains under your arms!
  • Another problem is that this is not an antiperspirant. I was worried about that, but I think I actually sweat less since making the switch. Some people believe that some of our sweat is our body trying to clean and clear out the chemical deodorants from our body. That said, I’m no fool, and I have a stick of antiperspirant handy for those important (nerve-wracking) public-speaking days.


*Our dear friend, Steph, clued us in to a bulk supplier that sells 96oz jars for $10.99. That’s the same price as the 15oz jars in your average grocer! So shop around for a deal, and then have a deodorant making party.

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2 thoughts on “Minty Fresh Deodorant

  1. I’ve got a question…how do you travel with your deoderant? I always have issues with mine melting, which is fine in and of itself, but makes choosing a travel container difficult. Thoughts?

    • Good question! A few years ago I bought one of those grab bags of toiletry travel containers from Target. In it were a couple of small (maybe a 1/2 ounce?) screw-top tubs/containers. I’ve had good luck putting my deodorant in there and not having any leakage when it melts. I also travel with liquid oil that I use as a moisturizer. That’s in a screw-top bottle that does leak, which was a bummer the first time it happened, but since then I just put a square of plastic wrap over the opening and then screw the lid down over the plastic wrap – this has stopped all leaks. The plastic wrap is big enough to cover the hole and the whole screw-on area with extra room for me to hold it in place against the bottle as I’m twisting the lid on. Hope this helps! If you do find a perfect travel container, let us know!

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