Mint, Salt & Sand Body Scrub

Mint is our ingredient of the season. Look out for a season of cool posts.

A few weeks ago we shared ideas for rosemary body scrubs, reminding you that exfoliating goes a long way towards making your stems smooth with every shave. Did you try it out? What did you think? Today’s scrub will also work on your legs, but we think it makes a refreshing foot scrub. The sand and salt give it a bit more scrubbing power where it’s needed, ┬áthe coconut oil will soften and hydrate, and the mint will cool your hard-working soles.


Hopefully it goes without saying, but you should not use this scrub in your home shower because as far as we know sand and plumbing don’t mix. So what’s a girl to do? Go outside! We used it at the beach house’s outdoor shower, but with all biodegradable ingredients, you could easily take a foot-sized soaking tub out to your deck, go to your nearest creek (Kris, we’re talking to you!), or sit right on the beach and scrub.


Blend all ingredients and scrub away! Just for fun I layered everything in the jar: sand, salt, mint, oil, repeat. I ended with a dry sand layer to keep things neat. It looks fun and easily mixes together when scooped out and slathered onto your leg.

Remember our 2-1 ratio for scrubs? You can use any combination of sand and salt as long as it totals twice as much as your oil. I used coconut oil in this scrub because I was in an adventurous mood. I knew that I didn’t want to use olive oil because I didn’t want that aroma with the mint. Then I saw the melted jar of coconut oil and realized that it would be a great, super moisturizing choice and the subtle coconut aroma would go well with the mint.

We hope you’ll give this scrub a try, it really brings the spa experience home outside.

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