A Little of Our Lately

So, Sarah sent me the gentlest of nudges last night, that the blog looked “sleepy”, to put up a post already. I have to admit, the combination of pregnancy, moving, unexpected technical difficulties with cameras and a new internet connection, and a certain 2 year old made posting a challenge!

Anyway, I’m excited to share a little bit of what we’ve been up to lately. Last weekend Calder and I totally indulged in the calm before the storm(s) that are moving and new babies. So, we drove up to Nederland and happened upon Frozen Dead Guy Days! We knew nothing about it before then, and if you haven’t heard of it, take a moment to read the story of the crazy cause for the festival. While there, we always give Alex a ride or two on the Carousel of Happiness, and this time we tried to capture some shots of my big belly before it’s gone again :-).

This weekend was a whole different story, we closed on our new house and moved in! Saturday was our first night in the house, and so on Saturday we christened it with a french toast breakfast and the raising of our Jolly Roger flag.

I can’t wait to give you a full tour, but the aforementioned technical difficulties mean I haven’t taken many indoor shots yet. Until then, I have a sneak peak of the outside. The house is located in the foothills of the Rockies, just above Boulder (on a favorite biking hill for the hoards of road bikers in town – Calder’s in heaven). Our yard is basically the mountainside, but if you do a 180, we have fantastic views of the more gently sloping property of our neighbors’ with horses in the pastures.

I think that living on the side of the mountain would drive the gardener in me crazy if it weren’t for the fact that previous owners did a fantastic job of installing a number of large, tiered beds, both off of the deck and around the sides of the house. Most of these are filled with perennials, but there are a few open spaces for annuals and herbs/veggies. Calder’s only request or “house prenup” as he calls it was that I plant strawberries and raspberries, well, as luck would have it, we already have mature beds of both! So this spring I’ll likely take it easy and focus on the annuals both in beds and in pots around the porch and deck.

And there you have it, a little snapshot of our crazy life this past week. Like any good crafter/schemers, we have a few projects that we want to do in the house, so I can’t wait to share more details about the inside of the house and our project inspiration in another post. Until then, we’ll be busy unpacking boxes and waiting for our newest little guy to make his appearance.

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