Introducing the Seasoned Etsy Shop!


Happy Friday friends!  We’re making a few changes around here and we wanted to let you in on them.  First, we opened our Seasoned etsy shop for the holidays! Second, we revamped our about page and added more images and information about our little lives.  Sometimes we forget that this blog may be your first introduction to who we are.  For those of you that know us personally, do you think the new about page does a better job of explaining who we are? For those of you who only know us from the internet, do you feel like you actually get a sense of who we are? Should we add a video? More information?  Any feedback here is welcome and greatly appreciated.

liveseasoned fall15 shop

healingAs for the shop, Katie and I have been thinking about the Seasoned etsy shop for a long while.  We want it to be a space where we can sell the products that we create and talk about here on the blog.  We play around with potions a lot and some of them turn out so well that we want to share them with the world.  Everything we sell in our shop has been researched and tested by myself and Katie.  We even use our pals as guinea pigs when it comes to testing our lip balms and sunscreens.  We’re starting small this season, but with your support and honest feedback, we’re hoping this grows into an ever changing selection of Seasoned goods.  So if you have a chance, take a peek at the shop, <3 us on etsy, or tell a friend who may be interested.  We’re so grateful that you read Live Seasoned. You are the reason we keep experimenting, researching and posting each week, so THANKS! It’s a bunch of fun.

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