Hey Everyone, excuse us while we take this Monday off to collect ourselves. It’s been a busy few days week around here, and I think Sarah and I would benefit from a day of drinking coffee (or tea!), scribbling in our planners, and loading up the fridge with fresh veggies. Once we’ve done that, we’ll be back with a full week of posts!

Of course, I couldn’t leave you without a little nugget of fun to start your week.

We are suckers for cute planters, but those faces above aren’t really planters. They are egg separators! That link will take you to the artist’s Etsy site. When I saw the separators, I knew they would make great containers, so I picked up a bunch at our local Christmas Market.

I wanted to give them out already planted, and knew that they would only be frowning if they had a cactus coming out of their noggin. While these planters don’t have a hole on the bottom, their mouth provides a great drainage zone. I started with a layer of small river rocks, being sure to slope the rocks up to cover the mouth area. Then I added my topsoil and the cactus. My trick for transplanting cactuses is to get a thick wad of old tissue paper that’s been bunched and crunched a few times, I put that over the cactus and am able to gently pick it up and position it in the pot without getting hurt.

Nothing helps with a case of the Mondays like looking at one of those guys and being thankful that I don’t have a cactus growing out of my head.

See you tomorrow!

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2 thoughts on “Intermission

    • I know, right? It’s impossible to keep a straight face when you see those. If transplanting a cactus is in your future, good luck!

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