In Season: Succulents and Air Plants

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I love a good tillandsia.  I’ve killed quite a few in my day, but after doing a good bit of online research, I think I’m finally ready to raise a few sixty.  That’s right, I purchased $85  worth of air plants.  I came across this great wholesale site so how could I not, right?!  The site looks pretty simple and almost unprofessional, but that is what screamed *bargain* in bright lights!  My package came on time, my order was complete and the plants were in great shape.  If you’re thinking about raising a little an enormous air plant family, that is the site to start.

Shannon, from Very Shannon, compiled an inspiring air plant display roundup.

I love these wall mounts by NiaCraft.

Right now I have my sixty plants spread out on my dining room table and about a dozen in glass bottles.

This weekend, I’m going to experiment with this type of display and maybe even something along the lines of this.

Succulents are right up there with air plants.  They are easy to propagate so you can have a whole squad of succulents too! I’m in the process of propagating a bunch of chicks and hens and jade plants.

One day I’ll have an entire wall of succulents – by the end of the summer hopefully I’ll have something like this.


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