In Season: Spring Inspired Tables


Between the beautiful weather, the cherry blossoms reaching peak bloom, and Easter coming up next week, we were drawn to photos of beautiful spring tables this week. Katie’s hoping her cherry blossoms open in time to decorate the table next week, but if they don’t, we have plenty of beautiful alternatives to pick from below.

Love these little bird’s nests place settings and this less tailored look as well.

Check out these really simple name cards.  They could work for almost any type of get together: coffee groups, knitting circles, even baby showers.

The napkins are the key players on these tables. After years of working in catering, I’ve never come across this cute fold.

In my opinion, this simple napkin speaks just as loudly as the bunny ears. [Katie here: I saw some quail eggs at the Asian market last week, and I’m thinking it would be fun to try to blow the egg out and use them as a spring decoration! Sarah, are you up for the challenge?!]

This may be my favorite spring setting of all and I think we can all agree that it’s easy enough to pull off in a pinch.

If you have lots of space on your table, try this or this.  You could even gift the plants to your guests!

If you want a more tailored floral look, try grouping some vases with pretty blooms.


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