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This week Alex and I finally joined Calder in Boulder. I was excited to see the townhouse we’re renting in person (I saw a few photos and videos, but it’s not quite the same thing).  It’s a great place and I think it will make a perfect home for us for the next year or so. Right now I’m still unpacking and figuring out where to put things, what to keep in storage, and what goes on our shopping list. It’s fun to think creatively about how to set up the space – trying to make the space work for us without investing too much work into projects that we would lose when we move. Thus today’s list of low-work home upgrades, space savers, and simple decorating ideas.

We have three bathrooms in this place! Unfortunately they all lack storage. So I’m thinking a small cart or slim shelving unit would work well in a few places. Maybe organizing my doodads is a job for FINTORP? And what do you think about hanging veggie baskets in the showers?

I was really excited to try out some temporary wallpaper, but arrived to textured walls! bummer.

Our kitchen is much smaller than in our last house. We’re finding it easy to work with by keeping a lot of our extra kitchen supplies in storage. We’re also thinking about how to use the wall space. Calder found these beautiful magnetic knife racks and this spice rack on Etsy!

We left the highchair on the east coast and are back to using this booster seat. It is nice to have that floor space back.

Our new deck has a 5 foot wall on two sides. It could be fun to buy a planter with a trellis and fill it with some flowering vines to make the wall a little softer and less boring.

I just placed our order for Sibley’s Backyard Birds of Western North America poster. We had the eastern poster hanging in our last house, so it will be easy to slip this one in the same frame and hang it near a window.

 Photo from the Oakland Museum of California.
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