In Season : Popsicles!


Our community pool’s opening this weekend, warm weather is expected, and we are going to a picnic with friends. (Sarah here: Our pool opens this weekend too! I also have a picnic planned – Schu sisters for the weekend win!) The only thing that could make this weekend more summer-ific would be a big box of popsicles. So, in celebration of the many sunny days and warm nights ahead, we’ve found some cool popsicle inspiration to kick off your holiday weekend. We’ll see you back here next week!

Get your memorial day started with this giant popsicle pinata. Just don’t fill it with popsicles.

These whole fruit ice pops look delicious!

Paletas is a really great popsicle book. Sarah babysat some wee ones last summer, her and the kids made different paletas weekly!

Hey Philly friends, have you tried the Lil’ Pop Shop yet? We want to taste the Sweet Pea pop.

We love a good popsicle mold and can’t wait to start making some sailboat pops at the beach this summer. I may add this mold to my kitchen because I heard that its pop size is just right for little ones.

Speaking of the kiddos, I’m sure they would have fun making and playing this popsicle memory game.

I thought this was a genius use of popsicle sticks: painting one with each wall color from your house and then taking them with you when shopping for home accessories.

Spoonflower has you covered if you’re looking to expand your stash of popsicle fabrics. I have my eye on this one for a fun pool tote.

Who doesn’t love a good popsicle t-shirt? The poor lollipop is loosing his popsicle love. Oh no!

Remember our visit to the Asian market? One of our most favorite things to buy there are the black sesame popsicles. Don’t leave the freezer section without them!

When Sarah was in Thailand she was addicted (eating at least 5 a week) to black bean and coconut popsicles. She couldn’t find the exact pop on the interwebs, but this recipe sounds similar.

And please, for the love of summer, get yourself a popsicle tattoo!

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