In Season: Gettin’ Crafty With It


This week I worked two smaller gigs that paid in cash and after each one I stopped off at Michaels, A.C. Moore and Lowes on the way home.  I realized I have a tendency to immediately spend my cash on craft supplies even though I already have a whole room full of fabrics, papers, ribbons and yarns.  Are you the same way?  What are your favorite craft supply sources and items?  We’ve rounded up a few fun ones here, but we’re always looking for those mystical bead shops or that warehouse full of fabrics so let us in on your secret supply stores too.

In a few weeks we’ll be sharing some map-tastic crafts so now would be a good time to stock up on these.

These safety pins make awesome removable stitch markers for your knitting projects, and with 300 in a box, you have plenty to lose, share, or stash!

Our mom left Katie with an extra (EXTRA) large crochet hook. What to do with it? Maybe this cowl? Or a crocheted rug?

And then there’s this yarn. wow.

Need a place to store your supplies? Katie uses a library card catalog she picked up on Ebay.

We also love metal tackle boxes for storage. One for jewelry supplies, another for the tools and bobbins we use when at the sewing machine.

Shop Goodwill is a great site for so many reasons.  Sarah is currently perusing their listings for a good sewing machine.

We don’t own fringe scissors, at least not yet! But don’t they look equally scary and exciting at the same time?

When it comes to making wearable gifts for others, the hardest part is getting the sizes right. Size charts like this one for hats are my go-to reference.

Of course, crafting doesn’t have to require buying the supplies, sometimes you have everything you need at home. Take these wine cork stamps as an example. (We all have wine waiting for an excuse to be opened, right?)

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully it involves a little pro-craft-tination.

Ps. you can find us here now!

*Image via Library of Congress
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2 thoughts on “In Season: Gettin’ Crafty With It

  1. Love!! Actually, loving lots of these ideas, now I know what I can start to use my cork collection on 🙂

    • I always think of you when I think of – you told me about it first! Ooh, I’m sure you can make some great stamps with that cork collection… you could even create something and do a repeat stamping across one of the walls in the farmhouse to make some mock wallpaper!

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