In Season : Donuts!


Next Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, or Donut Day if you grew up in our house. Today we have a few donut-related links to delight your inner child, and on Tuesday we’ll be sharing some donut recipes to satisfy that rumble that just started in your tummy. In doing our research, we learned that  there’s a real “Donut Day” the first Friday of June. Who knew?!  I know that’s a lot of donuts to tend to, but donut stress about it. ha?

This donut balloon DIY is perfect for your next donut party (we’re all wishing we had a donut party).

While we’re on the topic, here’s a serving suggestion for your donuts and milk.

Wear your donut love on your iPhone with this case.

And there’s a surprisingly large variety of donuts on t shirts. This one was our favorite, but it looks like it’s not in stock anymore.

Ok, maybe the tshirts were a bit over the top? Well nothing whispers donut like a pair of  cuff links.

Of course, if your sweetie loves all things sweet, she’ll be smitten with this donut ring.

And your mister will love this donut-holding mug.

Want to try your hand at baked donuts? Here’s a cute heart-shaped pan.

Or you can skip the oven and try this countertop donut machine.

Even easier, you can skip the baking altogether and make a batch of these super-cute Cheerios donuts. They say the donuts are for elves, but I’m sure the garden fairies wouldn’t mind a treat.

These donut printables, and the corresponding ideas look like they would make for some easy fun on a rainy afternoon.

Whatever you do, donut give up.

If you liked these donut links, we’ve created a donut Pinterest board (necessary, no?), follow along and we’ll add fun donut ideas whenever we see them!

Fun fact : while searching for a image for today’s post, I came across this article and learned that during the first and second world wars, the Salivation Army flew “donut lassies” to the front lines to make donuts for the soldiers!

Image from the Library of Congress archive.


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