In Season : Day at the Beach


We love our long days at the beach. The kind where you pack the cooler, a good read, and a big beach blanket, because you’re going to stay until at least a few family members succumb to the afternoon beach nap. It’s the best, only to be topped by a stop for ice cream on the way home. Today we’re sharing our beach essentials.

We never leave home without cozies for the bevies. Now that I’m a Colorado resident, I may have to send a few of these to the beach house. Not rubbing it in or anything. (Sarah here: YES PLEASE!)

We have a few iHome iPod players with rechargeable batteries. This is our favorite (three Schu’s own one!) – plug it in each evening and they’re ready for a day of solid beach tunes.

We just picked up a small beach cabana to keep little A out of the harsh rays.

A pack of cards and a Bananagrams are always on our list.

When someone’s driving a truck beachside, we always throw our ocean kayak on the back.

I can’t wait to see Alex wrapped in his shark towel after his first foray into the waves.

The sun is intense, and so we’re always trying to get better about remembering to wear our sun hats and our polarized sunglasses.

Sarah usually falls once or a dozen times while messing around with her skimboard.

Sarah has been wearing the same swimsuit for years! She was swooning over an Athleta suit, but picked up this cheaper option instead.

Besides our swimsuits, we live in sundresses all summer long.  How about you?

The whole Schu gang is meeting up in Virginia this weekend for a few days of fun in the sun and sand.  We hope you have something planned for yourself – whether it’s a short trip or a big pitcher of iced tea on the patio.  Enjoy!

Image from the Library of Congress archive. This post contains affiliate links.
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