In Season: Being a Bookworm


We’re always all about books over here. From leisure reading, to research, to good old coffee table browsing. Read on (ha!) for some fun book-related links.

I love the idea of storing all my books in my stairs like this or this.

This bookshelf is different, but I’d have to find space for my large photo books.

I could probably find a space for them here!

If you’re a book lover, you probably save damaged or meaningless (to you) books. If that’s the case, try one of these crafts.

Katie’s saved all of her old college science textbooks and wants to frame some of the great illustrations.

There are a lot of great printable bookplates out there.  Right now we just write our name inside the front cover (usually with sharpie). This would be so much prettier.

Did you see the fun reading loft that Design Mom made in her Oakland home (which They call the tree house and is amazingly lovely)


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