In Season: Amazing A-frames


This weekend I’ll be making the trip north to visit family in Pennsylvania.  Whenever I think family holidays, friend gatherings or vacations, I start day dreaming about the magical spaces where they take place.  When I was younger, I’d picture enormous mansions and vacation rental homes, but as I’ve grown up, my daydreams have wandered into the woods and specifically under the amazing roofs of a-frames.

I love all the windows in this one.

This tiny a-frame is so quaint! Somehow there’s room for a wood stove.

The Allandale house is so much more than a simple a-frame. I suggest you scroll through the album and fall in love like I did.

Great news, this red a-frame and this modern a-frame are for rent.  They’re both located in the Sierra National Forest near Yosemite, um, yes please!

Instead of renting, you could always build one yourself.

That siding? That sliding door? This looks like the artist retreat for me…

When I’m finished with my residency, I’ll just drive a few hours across Oregon and move into this modern a-frame. I imagine the conversation will go something like this, *knock knock* “Oh, hi Jonya, Brandon and Julian!  Your new housemate is here. Don’t mind me, I’ll cook and clean, you guys just do your thing…”

If they reject me, I’ll seek out this home.  The photos on Heath’s flickr stream are really inspiring BTW.

As much as I love homes meant for large families and entertaining, I love simple, tiny a-frames.  I imagine a blissful little summer of solitude or a cozy winter where I spend my time reading books and sipping tea.

Lastly, this blue guy. Sadly, I couldn’t locate a source no matter how hard I tried.

Here are more a-frames and  some simple space inspiration if you need something to draw from for your daydreams.

Have you ever stayed in an a-frame?  Was it yours or a friend’s?  Did you rent it?  I must know every detail.  Happy daydreaming!


 Image property of the Library of Congress archive.
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