Headscarves: Four Ways!

Headscarves are great. What a statement, I know.  I’ve always admired people who can pull off a headscarf. Then my thrift store had a going out of business sale and I bought seven of them and I thought, ‘I better start wearing headscarves.’  That’s it folks.  That is the story of how this post was born.  For a few weeks, I would only wear them while going on a solitary hike or in my living room and then there was a week where I didn’t feel like washing my hair, but I had to run errands and just like that, I became a person who could pull off a headscarf.  I was getting compliments left and right! In the grocery store, at the post office, even at restaurants and bars.  It felt pretty great since I was initially self conscious about them.  I’m pretty sure we can all be headscarf people, which is why I want you to read this post and put it into practice. Like right meow.


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The Turban is perfect for days when your hair is greasy or your bangs look crazy (mine every day), but you still feel like wearing your hair down.  You’ll need a large square scarf to act as your turban.  The scarf Kristin is wearing has medieval weapons on it! How cool is that?  She looks all classed up and little does everyone know there’s a mace and a bludgeon on her scarf.

  • Take your square scarf and fold it in half to make a triangle.
  • Hold the two bottom points of the triangle and place the folded edge against the nape of your neck (the point of the triangle will be resting on your forehead) and wrap the two points around to tie it in the front. Make two simple knots like shown.
  • Tuck the ends of the knot under the front of the turban along with any excess fabric and voilà, you’re done.


liveseasoned_summer2014_headscarf-7 copyThe Pirate is so easy that I almost feel silly writing about it, but I get the MOST compliments when I wear my scarves like this.  It could also be called the gypsy or the ninja or really whatever fun name you want to give it.  I love the pirate because I always have unruly bangs that I don’t feel like dealing with.  The pirate is also a cool way to cover up your forehead if you were born with a big one (I bet Katie is off to try this right now!).  This works best with a long rectangle scarf and the wider the better, in my opinion.

  • Fold your scarf in half (width-wise) if necessary and place the center of it on the top of your forehead.
  • Wrap it around your head and tie it in a simple knot, twice, on the nape of your neck.  See? Told you it was crazy easy.

liveseasoned_summer2014_headscarf-17 copy

The Pin Up is classic and cute.  You’ll also clean ten times better if you rock this style. Just kidding, but you’ll feel cuter while you clean and sometimes you need to feel something other than lazy when you have a whole house to spiff up.  I have found the Pin Up works best with smaller scarves.  They can be long rectangles or squares.  If you’re using a square scarf, fold it in half to make a triangle and then roll it over itself to create a long rectangle.

  • Place the center of the rectangle on the nape of your neck.
  • Bring the two ends to the front of your head, but not the center, either a little left or right, and tie two simple knots.
  • Tuck the ends into the band on opposite sides where ever they lay (depending on how long your scarf is).  Put on some red lipstick for good measure.

liveseasoned_summer2014_headscarf-12 copy


The Twist is super cute and minimal, similar to the pirate, but a little bit fancier.  I like it best when my hair is really wavy and messy because I have thin hair.  It looks great on Kristin’s hair because her hair is just perfect, but we can’t all be Kristin.  I find the twist works best with long rectangle scarves.  They can be fat or skinny depending on the look you’re going for.  Wearing the twist makes me feel a little like a bohemian princess.  Does it make me look like one? Well, I don’t know, but if you see me on the street, be sure to let me know 😉

  • Place the center of the rectangle on the nape of your neck.
  • Hold the two ends and bring them to the front and center of your forehead.
  • Now twist the scarf over itself by switching the hands that the ends of your scarf are in. So pass the right end to the left hand and the left end to the right hand and repeat once more. You switch hands a total of two times so basically the ends land in the same hand they started with.
  • Bring the ends back around to the nap of your neck and tie two simple knots. Tuck in the ends.  Boom, a bohemian princess is born.



What do you think? Are you going to try out one or all of these styles? Or am I preachin to the choir? Have you been rockin’ headscarves since you saw Lucille Ball looking gorgeous in hers on I Love Lucy?  I think that’s when my infatuation started.. Who is your headscarf icon? (No, I never thought the day would come when that would be a serious question of mine)  Style your scarf and tag us @liveseasoned so we can sneak a peek.  Have a great Tuesday!

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One thought on “Headscarves: Four Ways!

  1. I love these! The dig at my fivehead? notsomuch 🙂 Going to wear a scarf when little A and I go out exploring tomorrow!

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