Two Bits

Instead of the usual links posts, each Friday we’re going to start sharing some tidbits from our week.  We want to break down these internet barriers and invite you into our lives and we’re hoping you’ll do the same.  You are welcome to share your a bit of your week or day in the comments, or if they’re better represented by a photo, tag us on instagram @liveseasoned . *High five, it’s finally Friday*

Sarah here :

liveseasoned_fall14_friday-1-2Cash and I are enjoying the {slightly} cooler hiking weather in Chapel Hill, NC this week, but Oy! those mosquitoes. Back off bugs!  On that note, do you wear bug spray? I never, like never ever, think to put it on. I think the last time I wore bug spray was in 2010…

liveseasoned_fall14_friday-1I’m going to BOULDER, COLORADO! Woohoo! The Seasoned Sisters are reuniting for ten days in the Rockies and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’ve already created a google map of all the hikes I want to do (way more than I have time for), yoga studios I want to practice at (I’m going to practice yoga IN A YURT) and breweries tea factories I want to tour. Vacaaaaation! Oh yeah, and I’m really pumped to see my sister, brother and nephew. That’s obviously my first priority.

And Katie :


I’m also excited for the big family visit next week! It’s the first time any of our east coast family is coming to visit, so it’ll be so much fun to watch them reconnect with little Alex in person, rather than their daily photo updates. I’ve been using the visit as the motivation I needed to finally add some decorative touches to our places. Like placing some of our tillandsia into large glass vases on a bed of sea glass and shells from our time in Saxis. And hanging burlap sacks on a big blank wall in my craft room/office/dressing room (basically the best and messiest room in the house). It’s been fun to find creative ways to decorate this place without investing too much time & money or making too many holes in the wall since we’re just here for a year or so!


My second tidbit? This doesn’t have a picture because we don’t have one, but guys, we have an uninvited animal that visits at night! We would assume it’s a mouse, except there’s no mouse poop and this guy or gal only eats our vegetables! We keep a big bowl of fruit and non-refridgerated veggies on the counter (tomatoes, cut avocados – don’t judge).  Right next to this bowl we keep enough carbs (multiple loaves of bread, bagels, rolls) to make any gluten-free eater cry. Anyway, there have been a few times where I saw “nibbles” out of tomatoes, but (get ready to laugh), I thought maybe the fruit flies did it! We had a fruit fly problem, and I thought they just got really hungry and really aggressive. So I didn’t say anything to Calder. Then last night we left a cut avocado on the counter. In the morning, Calder referred to it as a “work of art” because the flesh was neatly below the peel by a 1/4 of an inch peel all the way around the pit. He thought that I meticulously dug it out while not removing the pit, meanwhile I thought he did the same thing! That is the moment we looked closer and realized that we could see teeth marks in the ‘cado and confirmed that indeed, we have a veggie-loving intruder; one that doesn’t have a taste for all of that bread! What is it? a squirrel? a mole? a fruit bat? or is it actually a mouse? ugg.


Now you – what’s going on over there?!

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3 thoughts on “Two Bits

  1. Gross story time, we had a mouse in Phila that was nibbling our butter that we left out. Luckily I noticed tiny bits of hair and the teeth marks (that’s why I assume it’s a mouse, the hair) but I never noticed poop on the counter. Our mice were sneaky enough to hide their droppings elsewhere. Good luck finding the culprit, The Borrowers, perhaps?

    • Ugg! What a bummer it is to have uninvited critters! Did you catch yours or did Max scare it away? I’m thinking it’s time for A.Max to get that kitty cat he’s been begging us for ;-), if only Calder were on board.

  2. We owe all of our mice control to Max. She straight murders them, no playing around with scaring them over here. And we have a few cats to spare…

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