Feel Better! {Bedside Necessities for the sick}

Poor Katie is sick and then I realized more than a few of my friends are too. I think it’s time to repost my bedside necessities for those sick days. Along with what’s listed below, get plenty of sleep and try to consume some fats, they’re great for your immune system.liveseasoned_winter14_feelbetter

Happy Friday Friends!! I’ve been feeling down and out for the past few weeks and I figured I would share my bedside necessities with you in case you’re in the same boat.  I’ve found these ten items really brighten my otherwise stuffy, achy, coughing-fits-forever type of days. Of course, I need things like cough drops, medicine, tissues, and soup too, but they come and go from my nightstand while these items are there around the clock.

Sarah’s Bedside Necessities:

  • Air purifying snake plant – makes me feel like something is actually alive and well in my bedroom…
  • Himalayan salt candleholder brightens my day. I love, love, love candles and crystals so combining the two just makes me smile that much more.
  • Mason jar + Cuppow filled with hot tea makes drinking in bed a little bit easier.  I love my leather Holdster too.
  • Ginger shrub and club soda is the perfect drink to settle the stomach and excite the tastebuds a bit, even when you have no appetite.  I also love having a jar of kombucha on hand.
  • A handmade lotion bar is a perfect solution for dry winter skin and lazy I-can’t-walk-to-the-bathroom-for-the-lotion-bottle legs.
  • Lip balm is essential for your dehydrated self. Katie actually made the one pictured and she is always crafting new batches for our Etsy shop!
  • A GIR lid is the perfect companion to a huge jar of icy cold water.
  • My tablet is the perfect bedside companion. I can read Kindle books without using an overhead light or browse Instagram for hours on end.
  • A few good books are great to have on hand. I just finished I Am Malala and I’m still crawling my way through How Emotions Are Made: The Secret Life of the Brain.
  • Soft lighting is key to comfort in my book. If I can’t have natural light, bring on the nice glow of a small lamp.

What do you need when you’re feeling sick?  Any of that jazz or something completely different? On that note, I hope you don’t need this article EVER! Stay healthy people!

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2 thoughts on “Feel Better! {Bedside Necessities for the sick}

  1. my goodness, this is a really great list. my only additions are puppy snuggles and a oh-so-dignified puke bucket. I never thought we would need one in our house but our past sickness really taught me to be prepared for all situations. ick.

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