DIY Christmas Gifts

Jingle bells batman smells… We’re back with another round up of Christmas crafts, but this time they’re ones you can gift to your friends.  On Monday, we shared delicious treats that are perfect for giving and today we’ll round out your gift list by adding a few non-edibles for your loved ones.  These DIY gifts range from easy to advanced (mostly because of the ingredients), but we explain everything you’d ever need to know in the posts, so hop to it!  We also sell a few of these items in our Live Seasoned etsy shop if you’re low on time.  All of these homemade gifts have natural, gentle ingredients perfect for any loving home.  We also love to pair these items with other handmade goods to really amplify the maker aspect of these presents.  We love supporting other crafters and creators so after you whip up these potions, browse around on etsy for perfect pairing gifts if you think your loved ones deserve a little more this holiday season.

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Walnut Oil Wood Balm – is something that every home needs, but very few actually have.  Every kitchen has at least a few wooden items that could use some moisture.  Treating cutting boards, wooden spoons, and salad bowls with walnut oil wood balm keeps them looking lustrous and helps to preserve them for years to come.  Want a useful, timeless gift? Mix up a batch of walnut oil wood balm (or buy it from our shop) and pair it with a pretty wooden cutting board.

Moisturizing SPF Face Oil – Have you ever used argan or coconut oil on your skin? Well, this moisturizing SPF face oil has similar effects, but we’ve researched and carefully thought out the ingredients to bring you a combination of oils to both moisturize and apply vitamins, antioxidants, and other compounds like essential fatty acids that will improve your skin’s health and appearance.  Katie and I use this oil I actually use it multiple times a day and it’s shocking how fast I can go through a bottle of it.  Truth be told, it is my absolute favorite skin care product and I can’t travel anywhere without it, not even in the backcountry. We haven’t started selling this product in our store yet, but if you’d like a bottle, let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

Lemon Foot Scrub – Is a seriously easy DIY that will be oh so appreciated.  Even though we created this mix last summer, it seems like I need to slough off dead skin more than ever during the winter. Gross, but true. If you have kids, this foot scrub is simple enough for them to mix up on their own.  Put them to work while you knit a pair of socks and boom, super sweet gift for those precious peeps in your life.

Mineral-based Sunscreen – Want to play scientist and impress your all natural, organic-loving friends? Make a batch of this DIY zinc sunscreen.  I promise you, I’m never going back to that mass produced chemical filled lotion again and you shouldn’t either.  I’ve tested this exact formula daily while hiking at sunny elevations of 12,000-17,000 feet!  We also sell sunscreen in the shop if you’re not in the mood to mix. We agree that these recipes might feel overwhelming, but once you start playing potion master you won’t want to stop.

Lotion Body Bars – are the soothing nourishment your skin needs.  Made up of simple, organic ingredients, you can feel good about applying this formula to your skin.  It is scary what we unknowingly apply to our bodies each day, but these homemade recipes remove the threats of mass produced products. Along with the lemon foot scrub, these homemade lotion body bars are really simple to make.  We’re planning on adding a few to our shop so if you’d like some, just let us know, but we promise they are eaaaasy to make yourself.

What do you think? Did you find something you feel comfortable making for your pals?  We hope so!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Gifts

  1. such a good round up, I feel super lucky to have been on the receiving end of these! also a good reminder i DO HAVE TIME to whip up some of these before the holidays really hit-diys that take tons of time are not for the faint of heart this time of year. xox

    • Yes! There’s definitely enough time. Most of these just involve some light heating and mixing. Although this household wouldn’t complain if you made a few more candles like last year 😉

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