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Hey kitty cats!  This week has been a little hectic tiring for me and we all know Kate is weeks away from giving birth so there are your excuses. I figured we would just get that outta the way right now. Why? Because today’s post might be a little underwhelming unless you’re a dog lover.

cash-1 If you areeee a canine fanatic than follow @catahoula_cash on Instagram!  He’s a gorgeous four-year-old dog with a bit of an attitude.  Cash was originally fostered by our middle sister, Kristin, during October 2011.  Kristin and her fiancé, Ryan, used to foster pups from the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).  Kris and Ryan loved Cash immediately and therefor gave Katie a good excuse to finally decide to adopt a dog.  So off Cash went from Philadelphia to State College to live with Katie and Calder.

A little less than year later, during June of 2012, I moved to State College with all of them!  I obviously loved the idea of living with my sister and brother-in-law, but I was superrrr psyched to have a dog! Cash and I would go on hikes, watch baseball games (yep, he sits down and watches little kids play baseball!) and ride around doing errands.  I had actually just gotten out of a long relationship and having Cash to occupy my time and sleep in my bed was a lifesaver!  He is a fantastic sidekick and I learned that early on.


Another ten months passed and Alex Max was born in April 2013. I happily occupied Cash’s time while Kate was busy with the baby until I moved to North Carolina in September.  Fast forward to April 2014 and Katie and Calder decided to move to Colorado.  What started as a dog-sitting gig while K + C packed up and sold their State College home turned into a dog-napping.  I realized Kate and Calder were crazy busy with the move and parenthood in general, so I figured I would offer to watch Cash a litttttle bit longer.  At this point Katie would have to rip Cash out of my extremely strong and loving arms if she ever wanted him back.  In reality, I figure we’ll live closer together in the future and there will be enough Cash lovin’ to go around.


Having a dog is a HUGE responsibility, but it is one of the most rewarding and responsible things I’ve ever done.  I’m his person and that feels really good.  I’m constantly thinking about his previous family and honestly feeling a little bad for him.  Cash is a handful, a little expensive and sometimes stubborn, but he is such a lover!  He is glued to my side all day long and follows me around everywhere I go.  Most times I love that, but gimmie a break while I do some yoga, dog!  I do know for certain that I would not hike as much without him.  I wouldn’t go outside every morning or look at the stars every night on our evening walk.  He’s loyal, he’s adorable and he still sleeps with me every night.

Now that you know Cash’s history, I welcome you to enjoy his present and future!  @Catahoula_Cash will be a mix of Cash’s hobbies (hiking, swimming, begging for belly rubs, etc) and his strange antics.  I’m sure there will be a fair amount of cute napping photos too. Oh and we like to mess with him.  We dress him up and let him wear our hats and necklaces. He’s a fan.  We also treat him really well too!  We take him to bars and we let him enjoy a life of leisure.  Come see what we’re talking about on Instagram @Catahoula_Cash.

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